Sunday, November 21, 2010

Vegan on the Cheap - Lemony Garlic Chickpea Patties

Supper #2 out of Robin Robertson's Vegan on the Cheap is another smashing success! And here's a testament to this cookbook: I had spent most of the afternoon working on a vegan chili for the weekend (which I will be sharing) and next thing you know it's an hour or so before supper time and I have no plans of what we're going to eat. I leafed through the book and decided on Lemony Garlic Chickpea Patties because I had almost everything it called for, except for green onions which I replaced with diced up onion. Oh yes and I didn't have near enough bread crumbs but I replaced the shortage with oatmeal flour.

This cookbook is making switching my family to vegan meals a breeze!

These babies are fun to make and even more fun to eat. They'd be perfectly suited to a warm summer night's meal, but they're way too good to reserve for just one season!

It calls for hummus for dressing up the pita pocket and I made my old standby that I'll share some time. It's my mom's recipe and it's our family favourite. The best part is the recipe doesn't include any oil in addition to the tahini paste.

very easy to shape patties

I fried them in my iron skillet with some coconut oil. Yes this is a no-no for a nutritarian. Next time I'm going to do them on a parchment paper lined cookie sheet in the oven. I try to avoid using processed oil altogether, yes even olive oil. For the rare time that I do need to use oil, I like this brand of coconut oil below because it's organic, cold-pressed, and unrefined. If I'm a good girl, this jar will last us for a year!

Now look at this scrumptious plate of goodness!! Talk about filling too! It would taste scary good with some Vegenaise added, but I really watch my fat intake now and I was a good girl and resisted.

Love you Lemony Garlic Chickpea Patties!! Welcome to the family!


  1. What a beautifully designed blog you have here! I enjoyed reading several of your posts. Thank you for coming by my blog for a visit, and I'll make you a link on my blog lists. Even though I don't follow Dr. Fuhrman's diet like you do, I appreciate how healthy you are trying to be. We have cut out all artificial colors and flavors, preservatives, corn syrup and msg. So, we eat pretty naturally, but I still make us desserts about once a week. Good luck on your journey!

  2. Thank you for the lovely compliments! Thanks for linking me too! Yay for eating healthy natural food...most of the time! ;)